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The Stay in Balance Organization

At Stay in Balance we comfort and lend a hand to people who are affected by mental illness. Over the last five years, the organization and Chris Della, the founder, have dedicated resources to communicate with individuals, family, friends, and the community to make BALANCE the top priority in the mental health arena. Educating and communicating within communities is the beginning.

Grief and Depression

Losing my Dad, my Grandmother, my neighbor, my sister-in-laws father, and our camp dog (Sophie) this past year has left quite an impression on me. One grief piled on top of another, over and over; it left me feeling quite overwhelmed. But this is only one of the pegs in the stool of my life that has given way over the past year, or because of the first break all the others weakened and split, landing me quite firmly on my ass. Nobody knew I was falling, nobody saw the cracks forming or heard my very faint cry to catch me as I went down.
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Letter of Encoragement

Hi Chris,
I had the great opportunity to join the group this past Tuesday with my reluctant hubby. We by our surprise enjoyed it greatly. I have bad experiences with groups, as the group I am in now is led by a counselor and he said absolutely no friendships outside of group. He does not understand how much we need support and friendship. I was head set to find a support group that is led by those that experienced the illness first hand and their spouses or significant others.
I have had a great new yrs resolution this year. It is to be as happy and optimistic as I can. I am staying positive even in the midst of financial troubles and job problems. I am actually studying and learning how to be happy, positive, and optimistic. It is working even when I am teased about it. Another thing that I wanted to share, is to have a daily mood chart. To track every day, every month, and every week progress. I have depression and anxiety inventories and more. I never forget to do my book and if I don’t my husband remind me. I can clearly see when I need more help or when something is off. If no one is using these tools I would be glad to share. I look forward to coming as often as I can. It is a long drive for me as I live in Hales Corners but I know now it is well worth it. You and Mary are doing an awesome job. I look forward to meeting more people and maybe find some friends.
Your new group member Tammy and husband Michael.

ABC’s of Balance

Over the last few years, many people engaged with the Stay in Balance organization have started to learn how balance can bring stability to their life. The Accept, Believe, and Commit to Change (ABC) program was developed by the organization's founder, Chris Della, who has lived an unstable life for the past 25 years. This program is aims to help you feel better about YOU, bring inner calmness and peace, and provide directions for the road to recovery. Balance can be achieved. In utilizing the ABCs and finding balance, you can educate yourself, your family, friends and colleagues, and, ultimately, develop an unwavering bond.

When someone you love and care about is diagnosed with a mental illness, whether you are a friend, parent, spouse or other family member, life becomes a challenge that few understand, and the resources for help in the professional sector are extremely limited. Thus, searching for answers and learning coping skills creates anger, frustration, stress, and I believe the number one cause of family breakups.

The ABC approach of accepting the illness, believing that life can improve, and committing to improving your life is a wonderful way to regain the balance needed to move forward to brighter days. We all need balance in our lives regardless if you are the caregiver or the consumer. Being among people that are going through the same type of challenges allows you to exchange ideas while learning how to apply the steps of the program. The ability to rebuild relationships is a vital component in the program and also helps restore trust and faith while giving one the necessary strength to get over the many hurdles in finding balance. The unique and positive lessons that one learns through applying the ABC program is life changing for all involved. It is fast becoming a major break through for many who felt their life was out of control.

So many lives are affected, but so many can be helped!

The Road to Recovery is a way to become more in balance. (Read more)
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The ABC's will lead you to stability and help you STAY IN BALANCE!